The Stealth Will Smith Movie – Review of Suicide Squad (2016)

Last year’s big Summer movie was Suicide Squad, the movie everyone couldn’t wait to see. It was the movie that many thought would save the DC Movie Cinematic Universe (that ended up being Wonder Woman, apparently).

As you all well know, it didn’t. In fact, it seemed to damage it further than anything else.

Watching the movie now, it’s really easy to see why people were thinking this: A two top billing stars in supporting roles, a great soundtrack and a recent Academy Award winner as one of the most iconic villains of any medium of all time: The Joker.

And for the comic lover, Suicide Squad is one of the more popular of the DC comics just by its concept alone: bad guys of DC forced to be good guys, while still being pretty bad.

The possibilities are endless with this concept. when you put into mind some of DC’s great villains. Not only do you have Joker, but you will have fan favorite Harley Quinn in the movie as well: an often requested character to come to the movie screen.

So, what exactly went wrong?

Well, wrong isn’t entirely the right adjective. The correct turn of phrase should be: it’s not what was advertised.

This is not a Joker movie, he’s barely in the film. Nor was he even the villain or a primary focus of the film.

And it isn’t a Harley Quinn film either. She’s, at best, the lead supporting character in the film. Primarily, she’s the comic relief.

No, this movie is primarily a Deadshot movie, played by Will Smith. That’s right, Suicide Squad is the most undercover Will Smith movie that’s ever been released.

He’s the main protagonist, the audience has a reason to root for him and he has the most in terms of sympathy with the audience.

Which is pretty strange since Harley Quinn is really a woman who has the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome imaginable.

Yet, this isn’t a bad thing when it comes to the movie itself. You could do no wrong with having Will Smith as your main protagonist.

And for Suicide Squad as it is constructed: it works. Smith is charming, he’s funny and he’s easily the most interesting character in the movie.

The second and third is Amanda Waller and Sgt. Flagg, played by the amazing Voila Davis and Joel Kinnaman. Davis plays Waller with a forceful conviction that makes her scenes real good.

And Kinnaman plays Flagg as the most likable character in the movie, who could have easily been the most annoying character in the movie.

Well, unfortunately, the most annoying character is Harley Quinn, who is played with an almost too self aware meta comedic performance by Margot Robbie.

That isn’t helped by the script, which makes Quinn be just a reason to say “Hey, remember we are bad guys right? Let’s do something bad!”

Leto is okay as Joker, but for such a marquee character and name, he’s in the movie nearly a total of 10 minutes. And few great actors can craft an amazing performance in that little of time, so I’m willing to pass on Leto for judgment.

And the rest of the characters? Ehh…they are complete throwaways. Captain Boomerang, Diablo, Croc, etc. are just cardboard cutouts in place for teammates. And the villain, Enchantress, is just…boring.

The overall feel of the film is strangely off as well. The need to have overly saturated pastel colors and strange camera and editing choices just feels off for the film.

But the One Thing You Should Know About Suicide Squad (2016) is this:

That despite the disappointing elements of the movie, it’s still a fun little romp.

It’s not going to be a memorable film when it comes to this overall craze of comic book films, but it still is a good 2 hours to kill and have a good time.

But it has three great actors leading the movie in good performances and it has a real good soundtrack.

So, essentially, this is a “turn off your brain” movie if anything.

It’s disappointing that two great characters like Joker and Harley Quinn are completely mishandled, but…here’s hoping Suicide Squad 2 is good?


What do you think?

Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? Did you like Harley Quinn?

Sound off on the comments below. Like my page to get more and come back next time to see what…

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