Ubisoft Press Conference – E3 2015

Ubisoft’s Conferences can be hit or miss. Either you get a bunch of strong gameplay videos and a surprise…or you get a lot of French dudes talking concepts and Mr. Caffeine.

With that, here’s what Ubisoft showed off today:


You Like Our Stuff…Here’s More!

On the top of the show, South Park: Fractured But Whole was announced. Being made by Ubisoft San Francisco, it essentially is a sequel to The Stick of Truth, only instead of a fantasy setting, it’s based on the Coon & Friends story arc.

The Crew is getting what looks like an expansion filled with off-road vehicles called Wild Run. It will also have a complete overhaul of the graphics.

Trails Fusion also gets an expansion called Awesome Level Max. The trailer has a fire breathing unicorn being ridden by a cat with a hand gun.

Anno 2205 was also announced and will be released in November.

October has the new Just Dance 2016, with current gen consoles having a streaming service for the game.

Trackmania is coming to console again with Trackmania Turbo. That is a good thing if you like arcade racers.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate got a trailer. It’s AC in England 1800’s. Honestly, as a setting it looks interesting, but I’m being very cautious with this game.


At A Clancy

Tom Clancy’s The Division finally gets a release date: Mar. 8, 2016. What was shown was gameplay from what is called The Dark Zone. What the game part looks like is a loot based multiplayer section with a chance to go rogue at any time. It has open team based combat with some stealth and cover based shooting mechanics.

Rainbow Six: Siege had both a cinematic trailer with Angela Bassett and the announcement and showing of Terrohunt (which is essentially Terrorist Hunt). The gameplay shown had tons of destructive environments and great team based gameplay. It was really impressive to see how the environment plays with the tactics of the game itself.

Finally, there was pre-Alpha game footage of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. This game features beautiful graphics and multiple ways to tackle a given objective. Little more is known about the game, but it looks rather exciting.


With by far and away the best showing of E3 this year, Ubisoft had some strong titles, mostly with gameplay that was exciting and interesting to watch.

I didn’t mention another game that looked impressive: For Honor, which is a medieval combat fighting game that looks real impressive.

Ubisoft had a lot to show for the core gamers and has left them very excited for the next 12 months.

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