EA Press Conference – E3 2015

It wouldn’t take much for EA to improve from last year’s E3 Press Conference. With a conference filled with “yeah, we are working on stuff, don’t worry!” they would pretty much just need to show a start screen for a game and it would be an improvement.

So with that, here’s what happened at the EA Press Conference for E3 2015


Hey, they are making sports games!

Different sports games were shown off: NHL 16, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and NBA Live 16 were shown off with gameplay footage and to show off some of their physics engines. What that actually means is: there are sports games and there are videos.

Also, Pele was in the house for a long interview, for whatever reason. And FIFA 16 show off some footage as well as a dynamic Trainer mode that will help players contextually be better at the game.

Probably the most interesting things that came out of the EA Sports section is the EA Gameface HD app for smartphones and the Draft Champions mode. This mode acts as a mini-Fantasy draft game that has you drafting teams in order to play in mini-seasons in solo mode and online.


Hey, there’s gameplay!

EA showcased a lot of game footage this year. Starting with Need for Speed, filled with cheesy FMV and some slick-looking night-time racing, much like the Underground games from the PS2 games. Customization was shown, as well as driving with what looks like an emphasis on drifting and outrunning the law. Looks really good for what was shown.

Announced on the Xbox Conference, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 showed off a co-op mode for the zombies called Graveyard Ops, which is basically Garden Ops but with Zombies. The game has new character types and is promising free content updates and the ability to transfer your old characters to the new game.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was also officially shown with “in engine footage”. Looks like…Mirror’s Edge.

Then, there’s Unravel, a very charming puzzle platformer. Featuring a character completely made of yarn, the game takes an approach that feels more personal and genuine. The presentation showed as much. The game looks absolutely beautiful with fluid animation and great looking backgrounds. It’s one game I will look forward to.


Star Wars, anyone?

First, there was a Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer for its expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. It will be released in October, it is a story expansion and it’s free.

A mobile game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was announced..and not much else.

Finally, an extensive in-game footage presentation captured on a PS4 was shown for Star Wars: Battlefront. The battle of Hoth was shown in exhaustive detail, including capturing points, destroying AT-AT’s and a duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Looks really good.


EA had a strong showing. When the Mass Effect Andromeda teaser is barely mentioned in the post, you know EA hit it big.

It was a particularly strong showing for the company with some solid gameplay shown and some impressive games on display. This may very well be a strong year for Electronic Arts.

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