Pride (2014) – Review


Starring: Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, Ben Schetzner
Written for the screen by: Stephen Beresford
Directed by: Matthew Warchus
Metacritic Score: 79
IMDb Score: 7.8

Nominated for 1 Golden Globe (Best Picture Musical/Comedy)

Rated R for language and brief sexual content

British filmmakers really know how to make an underdog movie. Whether it’s showing not quite appealing men nude (The Full Monty) or a young boy trying to find his way through dance (Billy Elliot), The UK seems to have a knack for spinning a yarn of unlikely heroes who make it big despite themselves. Enter the latest import for Britain that spins a similar yarn: Pride.

A group of young homosexuals decide to help a struggling Miner’s Union during the Mining Strike of 1984, namely in a small Welsh town named Dulais.

Pride uses a tried and true formula and makes a fairly entertaining movie of it.

OK, honestly, these are the kinds of movies I hate to review. Here’s why: It’s a good movie, that’s not great. Not offensive in any way nor does it do anything glaringly bad. It just exists in a nice plane of existence that is just…there. It’s that kid in High School that ended up doing something with his life but you never bothered to know his name because…well, you know.

I know, I know, first world problems. But Pride doesn’t do anything that really makes it all that different from these other underdog movies (or even worker type movies like Gung Ho and Norma Rae), expect there are gay characters.

The film is paced well and is a fun movie to watch. It’s light and fluffy; just enough substance to get a good taste without really leaving you wanting more. Or less. Or…to hell, I don’t know.

See, this is not the type of movie for someone who’s started writing again on the regular, like me. Because, to pick apart the movie is superfluous. The cast is good, with no real standouts or no objectionable type of actor. In fact, they are quite charming at times (namely Imelda Staunton and Dominic West) in key scenes.

The film as a whole is a tight package: well directed, well written, well acted…it’s just very “well”.

Hey, hopefully when I get better at writing these things I can pick apart this movie a lot more but there really isn’t much to grab through the film. If the themes catch your eye, Pride is a good way to watch a 2 hour movie.

3/5 – It’s an unoffensive, fun movie with no glaring flaws. Nor is it really something to write home about.

The Wiz Says #5

2 thoughts on “Pride (2014) – Review

  1. Great review. I lean more towards your thinking on this one. I liked the film very much, however I did think some of the cheerfulness was over prescribed. It’s almost as if the film dare not show any sadness. That said, it was clearly made by good hearts with all the right intentions.


    1. Yeah, that’s basically how I felt. Good, not great. Just not something that rewrites the same messages that Norma Rae or Gung Ho has done before.


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