The Marvel Cinematic Universe Needs To Expand It’s Past


This current TV season has had some big pluses: How To Get Away With Murder, the surprising quality of The Flash, and the hilarity and charm of Galavant. What’s most surprising is the quality and absolute fun of watching Marvel’s Agent Carter, the series that chronicles the start of SHIELD through the main character of Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell. And with this comes a shocking realization that came over me when watching the episode, “The Iron Ceiling”: the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so much more content to expand from.

Maybe that is what Carter is going to be; like Agents of SHIELD, it’s a show that is meant to fleshen out the corresponding stories with smaller vignettes of side material. Liking Agents of SHIELD seems to be directly involved in how invested you are in the MCU itself: its passable, NCIS like entertainment at best if it weren’t for the interesting Marvel angles.

But Carter shows so much more potential in its past that can further the quality of both the movies and the film. For one, the main characters of Agent Carter, Jarvis, Howard Stark and “The Howling Commandos” have something that only SHIELD has in drips: character and depth. Yes, the depth is the standard 40’s tropes of women who are trying to make it in a man’s world, but the main character is so charming and enjoyable it’s just to hard to watch without a goofy grin on your face.

Which comes to my main point: I understand that Captain America’s schtick is a man who’s transplanted from the past into the future, but there really is nothing else to mine from in the 70 plus years later? Why can’t Carter or the Howling Commandos have a movie spin-off much like the surprising smash of Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Universe in this past is filled with creative characters and an interesting fusion of classic film sensibilities while still feeling fresh and Marvel-like. You can also ret-con certain characters for Carter‘s timeline or entirely introduce new characters that can benefit the Marvel Universe, much like Harley Quinn did with the DC Universe on Batman: The Animated Series.

Carter still has a few more episodes left in its first run, but there’s no doubt that this is quality, fun television that deserves to be expanded upon. When a show is recommended by this writer to anyone, not just Marvel fans, it goes to show the quality of this show.

Here’s hoping Marvel continues this

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